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This is where we share some great products to help your dog have the best quality of life possible …




The Senior Dog Massage Tool


What is The Senior Dog Massage Tool?

It is a simple to use tool that you can use easily on your own dog to help relieve muscle pain and tension, reduce inflammation and relieve the symptoms of Arthritis.
The Senior Dog Massage Tool can be combined with simple Massage techniques to help you get an even better outcome for your dog.
I use this simple tool with every dog I work with to help relieve pain and soreness and improve their mobility and quality of life.
I’ll walk you through how to use the tool in the instructional download video, along with 3 great sequences for your dog’s Shoulders, Back and Hips.


Some of the benefits of the Senior Dog Massage Tool are …
  • Relieves muscle pain and tightness
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Relieves Arthritic symptoms
  • Helps improve your dogs mobility
  • Improves circulation

Order your Senior Dog Massage Tool HERE