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Will boots help my dog?

Lets find out below …

Should My Dog Wear Boots?

The sheer number of dogs who need and benefit from wearing dog shoes has got to be the biggest surprise we’ve had since starting Waggle. It’s really quite a large number! We send dog boots out to customers every day and believe me, their dogs are not just wearing dog booties for fashion.

If you’re new to this whole canine footwear idea you may find this all a bit odd. I certainly did when we took on Ruffwear’s dog boot range. But then, when the enquiries started flooding in from people whose dogs were suffering from chronic paw related issues and allergies I realised just how vital dog boots can be in alleviating all sorts of canine paw problems. I’ve been a big advocate of dog boots ever since and we’ve helped so many dogs improve their quality of life.

Why Do Dogs Wear Boots?

  • My dog’s paws slip when she walks and she needs help to walk on slippery surfaces such as tile or wood floors. Arthritis, hip displaysia and other chronic issues make traction a challenge, especially for older dogs. Dog boots can make a big difference for traction and give these dogs a new lease on life.
  • My dog drags her paws due to arthritis, wobblers disease, lameness etc. If your dog drags his or her paws dog shoes can protect the uppers of your dog’s paws from damage and abrasion.
  • My dog has allergies which make the skin on his paws flare up and I need dog boots to protect them. Dog boots provide paw coverage which stops the allergens from reaching your dog’s sensitive skin.

How to choose the right dog boots for your dog

Dog boots sound like the perfect solution to your dog’s paw issues. Now you’ve got to choose the right boots for the job. That can be a confusing prospect as there are a lot of options out there… all with different considerations including cost, quality and design. At Waggle we’ve been helping people get the right boots for their dogs for 5 years and we’d love to share our experience with you.


This seems kind of obvious but it’s not always as intuitive as you’d think. If you are buying dog boots for frequent long term usage it’s best to get something that’s both durable and comfortable. Cheap fru fru dog shoes just aren’t going to do the job! Have a serious look at the structure of the boots and of the material the soles are constructed from.

We choose to sell dog shoes which are as close in performance to human shoes as possible. We favour the Ruffwear range because they wear very well and have a lifetime warrantee against any manufacturing faults. Ruffwear’s Grip Trex style boots have soles made from Vibram which you may be familiar with as the same material used in high performance sports shoes for people. These are the same dog boots worn by the Australian Army dogs on special overseas missions. We know because we supply them. Also, all Guide Dogs in NSW and WA wear Ruffwear dog boots to protect their paws from rough surfaces and hot pavement. Dogs in high places have given the Ruffwear range a double paws up.

Ruffwear supplies three different styles of boot. Ruffwear recommends different boots depending on activity range. Contact Zoe at  [email protected] and she’ll  run you through the three different options below.

If you’re unsure or want to have a chat about your dog just give us a ring on 1300 725 781 and we’ll be happy to discuss your dog’s individual situation. We’d love to help!

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