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Will Boots Help My Dog?


If you have an older dog that is starting to lose mobility in their back legs, boots could be a great option to help them move better, increase their confidence and hind limb awareness …

… and make slippery or unstable floor surfaces less of an injury risk for them.




Lets run you through the most common scenarios here …

  • If your dog’s paws are starting to slip when they walk on slippery surfaces such as tile or wooden floors. Or chronic issues like arthritis,  and hip displaysia are making traction and stability a challenge (especially for older dogs). Dog boots can make a big difference and reduce the risk of slips, falls and injuries giving your dog a new lease on life.
  • When you’re out walking, you may have started to hear your dog dragging their paws. If so, now is the time to take action and help your dog become more aware of their paws and how they are walking. Common conditions like arthritis and disc disease will affect how your dog walks  and can cause them to drag their paws. Shoes can protect  your dog’s paws from damage and abrasion and make them more aware of their paws. This can help them pick their paws up and improve their mobility and proprioception.
  • If you walk your dog on challenging and rough surfaces such as gravel, rocks or grasses with bindis. Their paws can become sensitive and sore, so shoes can be a great way to protect their paws.
  • If your dog has allergies which make the skin on his paws flare up, boots will protect their paws, which stops the allergens from reaching your dog’s sensitive skin.
  • If your dog injures their paw, then boots are great for keeping their injured paw safe and clean during recovery and help them heal faster.
  • If your dog walks on hot or cold surfaces, boots can protect his paws from the cold and heat.

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