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Beds for older dogs and dogs with mobility issues

As our beloved dogs get older and develop mobility issues like arthritis, the need to select the correct dog bed is increasingly important.

They need maximum support and comfort while still giving them a bed which is easy to get in and out of.

There are a few things you should consider as you make your selection.

 Sleep Position

How does your dog like to sleep?

If your dog likes to feel surrounded or enjoys cuddling up hard against you, then luxury of a soft walled box bed constructed with orthopaedic blended memory foam particles or sofa bed with memory foam topper would be a great option, as your dog can curl up and sleep in a way that offers them the security they like.

If your dog isn’t much of a curler and loves to spread out on their side, like our dogs do, then you would be best to go with a mattress style or sofa bed with the memory foam topper construction.

We love the sofa bed style, as our dogs love putting their head on the side bolsters and stare at you, while waiting for a treat to be delivered. The large open front also gives dogs with mobility issues an easy way in and out.


So how mobile is your dog?

Do they have arthritis or are they post-surgery from a crucial ligament operation?

Or are they just entering retirement and want to take it a little easier?

We offer 2 types of fill for our dog beds: the orthopaedic blended memory foam particles and the memory foam mattress topper.

Both offer fantastic support, but we recommend that dogs with mobility issues are better suited to a memory foam mattress topper.

The main reason for this is the ease for your dog to get in and out of their bed combined with the support for their joints.




Older dogs, like puppies, are more likely to have the odd accident and possibly on their bed.

The advantage of buying a George Barclay luxury dog bed for your pet is having Moisture Shield™ which forms a barrier and protects the bed’s inner cushioning from moisture spills.

All covers for George Barclay beds are also removable and machine washable. You can also purchase a spare cover so that you can swap and change out with ease.

So why does my dog need an orthopaedic bed?

When you start looking for a new dog bed for your four-legged friend you traditionally have found yourself in large chain pet stores sifting through their stock, only to find poor quality and overpriced beds.

Well at least that has been our experience.

When selecting a dog bed for your best mate, of any age, it is important to know that quality matters!

When we talk to people, we have found that there is a common misconception that orthopaedic dog beds are only needed for older dogs.

When in fact, all dogs can benefit from orthopaedic beds and its main ingredient: memory foam.

Do these beds have benefits for older dogs?

Absolutely YES!

A good quality orthopaedic memory foam constructed dog bed can relieve stress and pressure on a dog’s aching joints, improve mobility, and provide incredible support for your dog’s body, regardless of their age.

If you purchase a quality memory foam dog bed that is constructed properly it can add a lot of benefit for dogs of all ages, with the added benefit of longevity of your pet’s bed.

If you’ve been mattress shopping for yourself lately, you will find memory foam is everywhere. When you walk into a bedding store to purchase a mattress you won’t find a memory foam section designed just for older people.

That’s because memory foam is for everyone!

It’s in practically every mattress out there these days. Even the older style spring mattresses have layers of memory foam in the top layers.

Why is this?

Because quality memory foam is the best support possible for all bodies, human and dog alike. It is incredibly resilient and durable.

Most importantly it is pressure relieving.

This is why ALL George Barclay luxury dog beds are orthopaedic as they are constructed using the highest quality memory foam.

Memory Topper Mattress

Our Memory Topper mattress is a formed mattress, with superior comfort and supportive characteristics.

The base of the mattress is produced from a high-density foam, providing uncompromised support for even the largest breeds.

The mattress’s top layer utilises a dense memory foam with optimum rebound characteristics, allowing the mattress to contour to your dog’s body shape.

The dual layer construction ensures the mattress will remain cooler than a conventional memory foam mattress.

Recommended for dogs that prefer a more stable bed, those who are a bit older or with mobility issues, or those who predominantly sleep outstretched.

Orthopaedic – Blended Memory Foam Particles

Produced using a blend of memory foam and regular foam, this cushioning will remain cooler than a solid memory foam mattress, while retaining its orthopaedic properties.

The blended memory foam particles easily mould around the shape of your dogs’ body, achieving supreme comfort and support for your companion.

A simple shake of the fill will invigorate the particles as needed. Recommended for younger dogs or dogs that prefer to settle into their bed.

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