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We’ve all heard that saying ‘You are what you eat’ …


… and now more than ever, we are becoming more aware about what the benefits of a more natural fresh food diet are for ourselves.


More and more we are hearing about the impact on our health of eating too much processed food …


… but have you ever thought about applying that to what you feed your dog?


I’ve seen first-hand numerous times that even just a few simple tweaks can make a huge difference to not only a dog’s health, but also their mobility and comfort levels …


… and ultimately their longevity and time together with us.


I remember reading an article that had a fascinating questionnaire in it.


They asked …


You can pick only 2 of the below 4 statements.


They were …


  • Free beer for a year

  • The car of your dreams

  • Land your dream job

  • Your dog will live as long as you

Do you know which was the most popular choice?


Yep … it was ‘free beer for a year’ …


… only joking, of course it was ‘Your dog will live as long as you’.


It just showed again to me … how much are dogs really mean to us and how much we want them to live the longest, healthiest lives possible.


Now there are a number of key elements which contribute to our dogs living long, healthy lives.


One of the most significant is the quality of their diet.


So I’d like to share with you 5 of my favourite simple diet tweaks I share with many of my clients, which I’ve seen consistently make life changing differences for their dogs.


1. Bone Broth – it’s a jam packed easy to make super food that helps reduce inflammation and supports joint health.

Your dog will get many of the crucial nutrients from the bones in the broth.

2. Organ Meat – It’s the equivalent of nature’s multi-vitamins for your dog and can be the most nutrient rich part of their diet.


It’s also good to vary the organ meat you feed your dog.


Liver, Kidney and Heart (which can be classified as a muscle meat) are good sources of organ meat and can be easily added to your dog’s bowl.


Organ meat should make up no more than 15% of your dog’s diet and if you are feeding liver, it should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s diet.


3. Omega 3 Fatty Acids – They help reduce inflammation and balance the fats in your dog’s diet.


Good sources of Omega 3s you can add simply to your dog’s diet are Sardines, Mussels and Mackerel.


These are often easily found in your local supermarket.


4. Eggs – Are a great way to give your dog a quality protein boost. You can even grind up the shells and sprinkle them into your dogs bowl to boost their Calcium levels. If you haven’t got time to grind up the shells, just peel away the inner membrane of the shell for a great treat to keep their joints healthy.



It’s important not to overfeed eggs, so we suggest 2 to 3 a week is a healthy amount for most dogs. You can feed them raw or cook them, although some of the nutrients will be lost through cooking them.


5. Blueberries – Yep, just adding a few blueberries to your dog’s bowl will help support their Immune system and give them a great source of vitamins, minerals and crucial anti-oxidants for good health.


So there you have it …


5 simple diet tweaks that can help your dog live a longer, healthier life with you!